Wisconsin Badgers NCAA Hockey

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The Wisconsin Badgers first took to the ice in the mid 1960's, when the team took on eight division one opponents and lost every game. The team was new, and recruiting was not something that had been the norm. It would take a few more seasons before the Badgers would win their first game. By 1969 Wisconsin had joined the WCHA, and the team was on the rise. Five seasons later, and the Badgers would win it all. The team took top honors for three consecutive seasons, starting in 1981. For fifteen seasons, the team was coached by the legendary Bob Johnson. His departure meant that the Badgers would have to wait another five seasons before once again winning the conference championship game.

Badgers Coaching History And Tournament Appearances

The Badgers have seen their fair share of great coaches. Starting with Bob Johnson, he took the team to the championship in 1973. He would go on to coach the team to the NCAA Hockey Championship two more times, before retiring at the end of the 1981-82 season. From there, Jeff Sauer took over, and the team won the championship the very next year. Sauer would lead the team to the tournament eleven more times, winning the big one just one more time. In 2002, Mike Eaves came in as coach. The Badgers responded by winning it all in 2005, after two tournament appearances prior to that. In 2013, Eaves managed to help the Badgers make it back into the tournament, but they lost in the first round.


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