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The Best Time to Buy Tickets to Concerts, Sporting Events & Theater

When is the best time to buy concert tickets? When should you buy tickets to a sporting event? At Ticket King, we understand your passion for live sporting events, concerts, and theater. We want to help you make the most out of every moment and help you save on ticket fees. In this post, we'll explore the optimal timing for purchasing tickets to concerts and sports events, and help you understand factors that can affect ticket prices, ensuring you have the best chance of getting great seats at the best prices.

Plan Ahead When Buying Tickets for Popular Events

When it comes to your search for tickets to concerts and sporting events, planning is essential. Ticket King recommends checking event schedules as early as possible and marking the on-sale dates of your favorite artists or teams. By doing so, you'll have a clear idea of when tickets will be released and you'll be well prepared to secure your spot at the event of your choice. With such high demand for some concerts and sporting events, we do the work of acquiring tickets for you, so you don't miss out on that special event. Smart shoppers avoid the hassle of constantly checking tour dates, venue on-sale dates, and ticket availability through the box office. They just visit and choose the seats they like, with zero guesswork. 

Presales For Concert Tickets

Take advantage of presales whenever possible! Many artists and sports teams offer presale opportunities to fan clubs, credit cardholders, or newsletter subscribers. At Ticket King, we suggest subscribing to relevant newsletters, following artists and teams on social media, or joining fan clubs to gain access to these exclusive presale opportunities. That way, you can buy tickets before they become available to the general public, increasing your chances of snagging the best seats in the house. If you miss out on those opportunities, we're here to help. 

Monitor Ticket Releases

If you miss out on presale opportunities, don't worry! Regular ticket releases close to the event date can be your chance to secure tickets at face value. Ticket King advises regularly monitoring ticket sale announcements and setting reminders for that last-minute check with the (virtual) box office. Be ready to act promptly, as a late release of remaining tickets for popular events tends to sell out quickly, without much fanfare. If you miss out on a ticket release, Ticket King has you covered. We're part of a ticket marketplace that includes fans, artists, and regular ticket sources. We display all your ticket options right up until game time or showtime. With easy mobile ticket delivery, a last-minute order for Packers tickets, Brewers, or a concert ticket in your city is just one click away. 

Consider Only The Most Trusted Secondary Market Ticket Sources

If you're unable to secure tickets during the primary sale, or you decide to attend an event well after the release of tickets through the box office, Ticket King recommends exploring only the most trusted providers in the secondary ticket marketplace. Our website will often have tickets on our site right up until showtime or the start of the game, but keep in mind that prices may fluctuate based on supply demand. Every ticket listed on is backed by our order guarantee. We're members of the National Association of Ticket Brokers as well as the Better Business Bureau. A ticket purchased on our website is a safe and secure option. We recommend that you avoid the online classified ticket listings and social media ticket groups, as those options may not be reliable. We've heard so many heartbreaking stories over the decades where a fan misses out on that big event after they thought that they purchased event tickets from a company or individual that seemed reputable. Does the seller have a physical address listed on their website? Are they members of trusted organizations that you recognize? These little things can make all the difference when deciding which tickets to buy.

Last Minute Ticket Deals 

For spontaneous event-goers, last-minute deals can be a game-changer. As the event date approaches, some ticket bargains can be found on our website. While high-demand events may never come down in price, the availability of tickets is something we pride ourselves on. There are many events where the price of an admission ticket will increase as the event date nears. Limited tickets coupled with a massive and growing fan base can also drive ticket prices upwards. Keep an eye on Ticket King's event and performer page, where you might find last-minute deals at very competitive prices. 

Weekday vs. Weekend Events

Another money-saving option would be to consider attending concerts or sports events on weekdays rather than weekends. Weekday events usually have lower demand and that may bring more favorable pricing options. This mostly applies to concerts and sporting events with schedules that run for months at a time. Plus, attending events on weekdays could lead to a less crowded and more intimate experience. Ticket King lists all upcoming shows and sporting events by day of the week, so you can easily pick that perfect date in your area right on our event pages.

Weather's Impact on Ticket Prices for Sporting Events and Outdoor Concerts

Weather conditions can certainly come into play when determining ticket prices for outdoor concerts, football, and baseball games. Domed stadiums have eliminated so many rainouts for baseball, and football is played no matter the weather. But a forecast for frigid temperatures, snow, or sleet on gameday can certainly affect ticket prices and inventory. Even concerts, basketball, or hockey events can be affected by bad weather. With heavy rain or snow on city streets leading up to tipoff or showtime, some people tend to stay home. Yes, the weather outside can drive ticket prices down for a concert or sporting event played indoors. On the other hand, ticket prices may surge for outdoor events where the early forecast called for bad weather, but ended up taking place on a clear or warm day. While all these factors are often unpredictable, making it a bit more challenging to pinpoint the absolute best time to buy tickets for any sporting event, Ticket King has observed that on average, purchasing tickets just a few days before the event and trusting the extended weather forecasts can put fans in the right place at the right time. Many times, we'll find that inventory levels remain relatively good just days before an event, ensuring fans still have a good chance of securing desirable seats.

It's important to be aware that if a live event is outright canceled without a future makeup date, all ticket holders are entitled to a full refund for their purchase. However, in the case of postponed events, like rainouts or rescheduled concerts, the ticket holder will be set to attend the rescheduled date, so holding onto your ticket is crucial in such instances.

Event Ticket Fees - Who's Cheapest?

Unless you were born well before the days of Ticketmaster's monopoly on event ticketing, you've probably become accustomed to ticket fees. Avoiding fees by going with ticket resellers that advertise a "zero fee" policy
doesn't necessarily mean that you are paying a lower price. In many of those cases, you are buying a ticket with the fees built into the advertised price on a "zero fees" website. Many of our customers find that our bottom line price on Wisconsin events beats the zero-fee websites as well as the nationally known ticket providers. At Ticket King, we're able to keep our prices at some of the lowest levels in the marketplace for events like Packers, Brewers, Wisconsin concerts, and more. The difference is that we own the tickets we sell, so we don't have to hit customers up with massive fees or built-in fees, just to make a profit. In fact, hundreds of the tickets that you may see listed on the national ticket marketplaces are owned by us. So it makes sense to just buy directly from the source and save on high fees.

A combination of timing, knowing who charges the lowest fees, and who actually owns the tickets you see listed is crucial when it comes to purchasing tickets to concerts and sports events. At Ticket King, we believe that by planning, utilizing our large ticket inventory, staying informed about ticket releases, and doing your homework, you can increase your chances of securing the best seats at reasonable prices. Whether you're cheering on your favorite team or witnessing a legendary performance, let Ticket King be your ultimate destination for an unforgettable live event experience.

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